APRO Token

APRO token is ERC-20 compatible distributed on the Ethereum blockchain
according to a related ERC-20 smart contract the “APRO tokens.”

  • A fixed supply of 1 Billion APRO tokens will be issued
  • Periodical token buy-back will take place according to APROBIT
    revenue and APRO token usage

APRO token lays its utility at the heart of APROBIT ecosystem as the main
currency benefiting users from exclusive features, discount, events and more.

  • APRO token can be used for:
  • Access to exclusive features: AI & big data, trading tool, etc
  • Deposit investment
  • Exclusive discount in APROBIT platform
  • User-driven APROBIT ecosystem Please refer to 35 page of our white paper for details.

Token Allocation with Lock-Up(L/U)

  1. 41.71%

    Private Sale417,072,092

    +1 Year L/U

  2. 15%


    +3 Year L/U

  3. 12%


    +1.5 Year L/U

  4. 10%


    +4 Year L/U

  5. 5%

    APROBIT Team50,000,000

    +4 Year L/U

  6. 8%

    APROBIT Alliance80,000,000

    +2 Year L/U

  7. 8.29%


    +2 Year L/U


Private Sale417,072,092

+1 year L/U

  • Private Sale 417,072,092

    +1 year L/U
  • Marketing 150,000,000

    +3 year L/U
  • R&D 120,000,000

    +1.5 year L/U
  • Operations 100,000,000

    +4 year L/U
  • APROBIT Team 50,000,000

    +4 year L/U
  • APROBIT Alliance 80,000,000

    +2 year L/U
  • Reserve 82,927,908

    +2 year L/U

Total 1,000,000,000


APROBIT Alliance

  • Bitfinex is the world leading crypto asset trading platform, owned and operated by iFinex Inc. Bitfinex holds the highest liquidity for BTC trading pair along with the most traded crypto asset against BTC, Tether. With its top-tier liquidity and Tether, Bitfinex stands iconic as a leading blockchain industry player since its launch in 2012.

  • A leading Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading center of digital assets in Hong Kong, Genesis Block is backed by an experienced team of financial professionals and deep liquidity pools. Genesis Block operates OTC platform running over 40 commercial-scale mining farms throughout Asia Pacific.

  • BITWORK is a blockchain community-based company that aims to foster all blockchain companies in the community to develop their unknown market value. Based in its own co-working space in Hong Kong, BITWORK has already accelerated different projects with success, ranging from world class intellectual property holders to renowned premium resorts.

  • RenrenBit, a China-based crypto peer-to-peer lending and wallet start-up founded by prominent blockchain entrepreneur Zhao Dong. Renrenbit has attracted investments from diverse industry professionals from Bitfinex, DFund, Dragonfly Capital and more valuing the company at $16 million after the funding round.


  • Chairman Chris Park
  • CEO Aaron Kim
  • CTO Yo Namgung
  • Vice President Jason Hwang
  • CBO Juno Kim
  • COO Min Park
  • CMO Tae Hee Lee
  • Head of Security Seung Hoo Lee
  • Operations Manager Jung Hoon Han


  • Advisor Andy Cheung
  • Advisor Zhao Dong
  • Advisor Penny Caesar Law
  • Quant Trade /
    AI Expert
    Chris Kwai