The World's First Exchange Embedded with
AI & Big Data

Global Alliance Exchange

APROBIT is the world’s first exchange embedded with AI & big data powered by a global blockchain network.
Provided by IT/finance veterans and blockchain professionals, users are expected to benefit from an unprecedented
trading experience including joint order book systems, high-tech trading features,
the lowest trading fees, deposit service and more.

BITFINEX Genesis block bitwork renrenbit


We are looking to build a world where both blockchain technology and crypto-asset trading flourish together.
APROBIT is our first project to distribute benefits of crypto trading by enabling each user to trade
like a pro with our underlying hope:

Blockchain and crypto trading generate greater benefits for a greater community

Market Pain Points

APROBIT realizes the rampant pain points in the crypto exchange market. We are thrilled to confront current issues which will be our opportunities to prevail.

  • Low liquidity, high spread

    Liquidity is the essential prerequisite of a trading platform, which many fail to provide

  • Many exchanges, limited choices

    Crypto trading exchanges abound with
    no distinct differences for user’s trading

  • Growing volume, steady fee

    Crypto trading volume has been growing ever since, but trading fee has not been adjusted accordingly.

APROBIT Solution

  • Flowing liquidity with Bitfinex

    APROBIT is integrated with Bitfinex allowing instant trade order matches. Users have access to both trading markets.

  • Robust features

    Artificial intelligence & big data embedded features substantively boost user trading skills. Diverse investment portfolio is also available through collaboration with APRObit alliance.

  • Lowest fee, or zero

    APROBIT users benefit from the lowest base fee of 0.05% which can be discounted up to 100%.

Complex Security providing
Simple & Robust Trading Experience

APROBIT is to be certified in complying with cybersecurity standards set by the South Korean government, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)

FATF Fully Compliant


FATF is an intergovernmental organization to combat money laundering and
terrorism financing.

APROBIT will be 100% compliant with FATF guidance to prevent any misuse
of funds and crypto assets in accordance with our effort to establish a sound
crypto-asset ecosystem

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